Feature Friday

Do you ever have those "blog" moments when you're just at a lost as to what to even blog about any more?

I guess I have been in a "blog" moment for awhile.  I haven't really done any changes around the house (other than rearranging), there have been no major "Ah Ha!" moments and even new ideas have been amidst.

However; I appreciate those who follow me, so I wanted to share the random things that I have been thinking about these past few weeks.

I have been wanting to paint our guest room and our room for the longest time.  But, I have had so many different moods that I have been putting it off.  I believe I am ready.

I am thinking shades of whites and creams and possibly some steel blue accents in our room??


bed linen

Kennedy Home Designs

Decor Pad

I have also been anticipating . . .



Doing a lot of this . . .

And I have been doing more of this
focusing on my writing.

I have also been doing some of this . . .

and preparing ideas for up-coming classes


 . . .And brainstorming ideas for

Country Living

 via Homeforher.com


 I believe because we are in between seasons, I have so many things in my mind to do.  When the seasons begin to transmission (OPPS!) transition, it makes me want to start decorating for fall, my favorite yard sale adventure is soon upon me (August 11) and yes, I am even dreaming up ideas for Christmas. I know, let's enjoy summer for all it offers but, it's at this time of year that I start brainstorming my ideas, I begin to crave warmth and coziness, yummy smells and great home cooking!

I am also looking forward to an addition to my design business.  I have been presented with a great opportunity and it should fall into place by the first part of September.  This I am very excited about!
 I'll share more later.

So that is what has been on my mind.

Do you find it difficult to focus sometimes?  Are there things you want to see completed before fall?  What are your up-coming plans for the holiday season(s)?



Changing Again . . . ?

Making Changes in the foyer . . . this time I have moved the cabinet that has been in out living room to the foyer and since there is an alternative motive behind this this is something I have often thought about trying, I decide to give it a go.

Take a peek . . .

Looking in from the kitchen

Looking in from the living room

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