So this is Christmas . . . And what have you've done?
Another year over and a new one just begun . . .
Downtown Traverse City in Michigan
Cozy outdoor christmas.
Very nice
So Beautiful!  Love this.  Idea christmas decorations 2012 your house Home decoration 2012 image36035497.jpg
lantern and evergreens . . .simple and beautiful
Christmas Tree
Holiday Tree
Loving this
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What will your Christmas look like?



It's so hard to believe that we have arrived at that time of year again . . . where Christmas is just around the bend.
As much as I love Christmas, fall is definitely a favorite season of mine.  I love the cool, crisp air, mums on the front porch, scented candles, cozy rooms and low lighting to add to the warmth.
Let's look at some yummy fall images to put you in the in mood!
Beautiful Wreath...............

Cinderella Pumpkins.
Creative Choices Interior(s): Feature Friday
All Things Farmer: Holiday 2011
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Because I Can . . .

Saturday afternoon (early evening) in PA. just sharing some random imagines . . .just because.





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Fashion and Design

I have done posts in the past comparing fashion with home design. 
I find it interesting to see how the rooms within our homes are decorated in similar colors and styles to what we enjoy wearing; it's like enveloping ourselves in our own personal space  throughout the day.
Do you find similarities between the colors and styles you surround yourself in within your home in comparison to the fashions and colors you feel best in?


Decor Showcase of Decorating Styles

Just because it's been a loooong while . . .
I see so many different styles of decorating.
I personally enjoy a blend of styles.  I love the look of white and cream rooms; throw in a dark piece of furniture and I am drooling! 
I also enjoy warm rooms with rich deep colors with furniture that beckons one to cuddle up.
I feel alive in rooms with light airy color that speak summer fresh.
 I don't really know what my style is.  Whatever works, I guess.  Whatever speaks to my heart and fills my soul . . .
Enjoy these photos of gracious decorating.
Loving this!
Loving this shabby chic
Stunning dinning area
The bedroom of Rita Kongi's NY apartment photographed by The Selby
Beautiful Living Room
Hyde Evans Design
And let's not forget those outside rooms
Creative Choices Interior(s): Feature Friday

All photos were taken from Pinterest