Just Breath.

Sometimes you just have to stop and take a deep breath and a good look around  . . .

Greet the Day

Take a Moment


Relax and Meditate

And Look Up


A Word of Thanks.

I would like to take a moment and thank all of you who have taken the time to visit me here at Creative Choices Interior Design.  Thank you for your kind and encouraging words, for your help and advice and for becoming followers.

This is all new for me, but I did Celebrate one month on the 27thWow!  Time does fly.  If there are any topics you wold like to see me address or give feed back to please let me know.  I like to keep things fresh by sharing things that Inspire and by sharing Projects and My Spaces.  You may also visit me on Facebook!

                  I hope We have many more days and Inspiring times together!


Where did it All go . . .?

A couple of weeks ago I went to Lake Latonka for their annual community yard sales.  I had shared with you the treasures I found.  As promised I am sharing with you today where everything ended up.

This lamp went from here . . .
to here.

To make room for this one.  I still haven't decided if this one will stay here.  I really liked the look of the white one.

Leopard throw pillow with fringe .50

Library lamp in family room purchased for $3.00

My fun .25 peacock went here.
Two new pieces added to blue and white collection.  The jar with the lid I bought at the yard sale and the planter piece with the hydrangeas I had purchased at a thrift store earlier that week a $1.50 for both.

Picture scored for a $1.00 at yard sale.  The one above I had purchased last summer at a thrift store for $2.00.

My purchase that I had on layaway at antique mall.

The large brass lamp, The Story of the Bible book and piece of milk glass.  The lamp $8.00, book $1.00 and bowl .50

My wire basket ($2.00) fit nicely next to my desk for holding appointment book and invoices.

My two new cross purchases the top frame also a Latonka yard sale buy and the bottom one I had bought a few years back at a yard sale $5.00 total for all.  They are in my office on the wall next to the window.

My second piece of .50 milk glass found it's home in the hutch.  This will be nice to use in holiday decorating!
 The books I purchased were used in various places for decorating and on the library table in family room, candles were dispersed around the house and I still have my two chair cushions patiently waiting for me to complete my project for them and the cute little purses are also waiting for me to complete my room renovation for their day view!

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The House in the Roses



Feature Friday . . .Vacation Day

I've had so much craziness recently that I decided not to focus on any one thing for Feature Friday, but rather imagines of calm and relaxation.  I took a vacation day yesterday.

Sometimes the best vacations are spent in our very own homes, but the secert to feeling as if you are vacation is creating it as such:

I turned off the phones (even my cell), locked the doors, lit some candles and spent the day on just me!  I took some time getting centered spiritually, cooking, listening to music, watched a movie, took a nap and tinkered around.  I answered to No One!

I now feel renewed and refreshed.  Do you ever take a vacation day?

Here are some imagines that speak renewal to me:

The healing power of water

Escape from the world

Time for reflection and relaxation

I am now ready for the weekend . . .


Saturday Love . . .or Anytime!

It use to be not long ago, actually when I was working full time, that I would go at least every other Saturday to a local Antique Mall with a cup of coffee and just browse (it was a great stress reliever to me) get ideas, and buy.  

Now that  I am working for myself and actually have a bit more time and an excuse to go browse (for clients) for myself, I find myself there much less. 

Is that true for you, the more time you have to do the things you Love, the less you do them?

Well today I went to pick up a picture that I had put on layaway for the family room and thought I would snap a few photos of one of my Favorite places to browse, shop, look and spend money.

Standing at the large garage door looking in

register area: candles, poporie and fun knicky knacks

One of many vignettes

Love this.  It stood about three feet tall would make a great addition to home office or as a side table.

Just one of many booths that offers great antique furniture

Vintage pieces

For those of you who like to decorate with the outdoors look

I feel Fall coming on . . .

I posted this because I had seen these exact two pieces in the Good Will store they were asking $7.00 for each (actually had my eye on the larger one to put in my foyer) here they are asking $19.99 and $24.99.  However; this booth is going out of business so you can get these at %75 off (less the GW price)

Vintage clothing

And I know how so many of  you Love chandies . . .you can have this beautie for $2,990.00
This is the matching picture to the one I bought.  I still may have to go this?

And this is the  picture I bought and will soon be hanging it in my family room.

I just love this place and they are always changing things around.  There are two floors of nothing but antiques, furniture, collectibles, books . . .and the list goes on.  I took several more pictures, so I will share more later!

So if you are ever in Oil City, PA stop by The Antique Warehouse Mall!