Feature Friday . . .Vacation Day

I've had so much craziness recently that I decided not to focus on any one thing for Feature Friday, but rather imagines of calm and relaxation.  I took a vacation day yesterday.

Sometimes the best vacations are spent in our very own homes, but the secert to feeling as if you are vacation is creating it as such:

I turned off the phones (even my cell), locked the doors, lit some candles and spent the day on just me!  I took some time getting centered spiritually, cooking, listening to music, watched a movie, took a nap and tinkered around.  I answered to No One!

I now feel renewed and refreshed.  Do you ever take a vacation day?

Here are some imagines that speak renewal to me:

The healing power of water

Escape from the world

Time for reflection and relaxation

I am now ready for the weekend . . .

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