Lake Latonka

Every year on the third Saturday of August, Lake Latonka located in Mercer, PA has their annual community yard sales.  I stumbled across this three years ago.  I soooooooooooooooo wanted to take pictures because you would not believe the traffic and congestion that this community attracts (I'm talking cars, trucks, Amish buggies, yes, horse drawn buggies, golf carts 4 wheelers and the list goes on). 

But, because I get so involved and caught up in the moment don't want to miss anything, I don't take the time to snap photos.  The sale is one day only and begins at 8am and goes to 4pm it is non-stop traffic and  AMAZING!!!!!!! sales.

This year did not disappoint!  I am so glad I did not rearrange and re-accessorize the family room this past week as I had planned because I sense a whole new feel coming on!  Come on Fall!!

Do you get inspired by the trinkets you gather?  Do your travels just make you want to run home and start re-hauling your rooms to make way for your new found goodies?  I may even have to switch out a lamp or two in the living room to accommodate my new pretties.

Here are some photos of what came home with me today.

Here they are . . .

A closer view

This lamp, I am thinking will go in living room

Another close up.  The wire basket I'll use in my office for holding files.

My new lamps (I am a lamp aholic . . .seriously looooooove LAMPS!!)

Two pieces of Milk Glass

Purses so cute!

My attraction to unique looking crosses is increasing.

And naturally more books . . .

Savor the Moment I often buy cook books based on their titles.  They have to speak to me. 

Loving these old beauties.  These will definitely get used for decorating purposes.  There were so many old books to choose from!

Some of the items I purchased today:  Lamps, wire basket for my office wall (to hold files), candles (white tapers, green pillars and scented pillars, which will be great for Fall!!!), two chair cushions for an up-coming project (I'll share that later), a throw pillow for LR, books, crosses, a new picture and plenty of fun accessories to scatter about.

I will share more close ups once I get everything in its place and finish some projects! 

Until then . . . I guess I will be playing house next week.  Can't wait!  I'll share the results with all of you soon................

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  1. You really came home with your hands full of treasures, my friend. I love your lamps and I like lamps too, the wire baskets are such great idea for so many purposes, I love books and cooking books too, I would certainly gotten home with all these beauties, myself! Great finds! Have a nice evening. FABBY

  2. Hey there...so glad to see you at the newbie party. I can see how you were not disappointed at all in your scores. I adore the books and lamps too. Thanks so much for sharing at the newbie party. Have fun!

  3. OH I love the treasures you found! Yes, I am guilty of redecorating a room when I find something. Unfortunately the one room redecorating turns into another room, then another, etc!

    I too love the books and the lamps!

    Visiting from Debbiedoos

  4. What great treasures! I would love for you to link up to It’s a Party on Thursday (actually, it starts tonight)!