A Touch of Elegance

I am sharing with you today images of rooms with a touch of elegance . . .
whatever your style, it is easy to incorporate a little touch of elegance into your spaces.

What is your decorating style?

Dose it include a touch of elegance?


Feature Friday

Accessorizing . . .

For the past couple of days, I have been going from room to room making changes and organizing.  Two weeks ago, I changed our bedroom around and freshened it up for the new season.  This week I have made changes in the kitchen, guest room and family room.

In doing so, I also made some changes in my accessorizing.  Trying new things and not being afraid to move items from room to room really opens you up to being more creative in your decorating.   Today I am sharing some images of my own as well as others to show some creative ways of using what you have to give your rooms a fresh new look!

In both of these images books are being used along with unique and interesting accessories.

Varying the height of your accessories creates interest and is pleasing to the eye.

This arrangement uses color coordinated elements of interest along with a pop of color.

Within in my own home, I created some new arrangements.  Here in the blue guest room, I rearranged the furniture, de-cluttered and warmed the room small groupings of accessories.

This desk sits in the front living room, I made changes by adding texture, varying the shades of browns, creating height to draw the eye to the pictures above and by adding interesting pieces.

Changes in the family room. 

Next week, I will be sharing some before and after photos of the changes made in the guest room and family room.

Coming up with new and fresh ideas for accessorizing can be frustrating sometimes.

Here are some tips to remember:

Add interest by using textured items and unusual pieces.
Vary the height of your items.
Work in odd numbers.
Layer by propping pictures, stacking items such as books, decorative boxes and other items.
Work of a palette.
Mix in pieces from favorite collections.
Have fun with it!

Happy Friday!


Animal Prints?

Animal prints have been on the scene for quite some time mixing and matching and now I see they even come in coordinating colors; a green zebra rug?

While throwing in a print or two can be fun, interesting and create a whole other mood for your room be careful not to go over board.  Too much of a good thing can become very bad.  In searching for images, I came across some very bad but, to not offend anyone declined to share.

I think in some incidents animal prints are deserving of their space but, as with any decorating trend, style or interest often a little goes a long ways . . .

I truly love the whole feel of this foyer.  Here the cheetah print is deserving of this grand stairway.

Always a sucker for rich shades of browns, loving this space.

Although I am OK with this room, I am not so sure about this area rug . . .

Liking this dinning room animal elegance.

I have shared this image before, I love this room!

Loving this!!

Again more browns love the richness.

A softer side to the world of animal prints.

So how do you rate decorating with animal prints?




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Bold and Beautiful . . .!

Often I post on rooms that I think will appeal to the majority but, today I want to focus on COLOR!  I am torn between calm and serene or bold and vibrant. That is probably why in my home I have a mix.  Some rooms are softer in color and some have a little bold going on. 

Today allow me to share with you rooms that have no qualms in speaking in high volume color.

Which do you prefer?  Light, airy and serene (maybe with a hint of bold) or bold, bright and vibrant

or perhaps somewhere in the middle. . .?


Not Just for the Stairs . . .

In thinking back, it seemed that every time I saw a Gallery Wall, Hall of Fame or Family Tree wall (as I remember one person calling it), these pictures always graced either the stairwell or a long hall area.

Today gallery walls are a creative output that can bring life and curiosity to any room and they are not always displays of family but, rather we are seeing more displays of favorites.  Sometimes they are a collage of mix media, or a gathering of floral, water scenes or water colors.  I have seen people mixing it up to include both family portraits and other favorite pieces of art. 

In some cases pictures are arranged in perfect sequence with matching frames, other times pictures are framed in colors that compliment one another and then there are those that are a total mix of pictures, frames and there is no rhyme or reason to how they are displayed.

Whatever the preference one thing is true any room or wall is fair game.

Interior designer Charlotte Moss

Do you have a gallery wall in your home?  Some of you may have more than one.  If so what do you enjoy displaying in your gallery and how are your pictures organized?