Getting Started

Happy New Years to all of You!  Blogging has been hit and miss for me since the holidays but, now that I am back at the Office, I am ready to get moving.

As with thousands of others, I also take time to reflect back over the year and all that was accomplished and would like to accomplish in the Year to come.  I am not MAKING any Resolutions!  I am living my life one day at a time and following where God leads me.

I cleared my inspiration board last year, when I started my Christmas decorating as a way to clear my mind and thoughts and to give myself a clean slate to start a new.  I have so many ideas fluttering in my head.  I can't wait to start searching for the perfect images to bring all these ideas together!

To start the New Year, I am thinking of the things that inspire us and where inspiration comes from.  Inspiration or mood boards are a creative outlet and fun way to ignite that creativity in each of us.  Have a idea or thought start a mood or inspiration board to get those juices flowing and feel the excitement build as your ideas begin to evolve.  Mood boards are giant collages!

So get inspired whether you are wanting to re-do a room, wanting ideas for creating or starting a new garden, building or adding on, or planning for an event or wedding inspiration/mood boards are a great way to get started.

As the Reflection Begins . . .let the Creativity Flow.

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