Back to the Office

Christmas is now behind us and already I am seeing fresh and new ideas all around blog land.  I have to admit; I almost love the de-decorating as much as the decorating.  As I am taking everything down and packing it all away, I have random thoughts of what lies ahead in the New Year.

So as I am planning out my calender of events for the New Year, it's time to get back to the office:




Feature Friday

From Creative Choices Interior Design and Family, We wish You a very Merry Christmas and all the Best in the New Year!

Merry Christmas!


Now we're Ready! And Some last Minute Inspiration!

Yesterday I shared with you pictures of our house in chaos mode:

This is how it looks today:

Since I had to put everything back, I took advantage and rearranged some furniture and accessories.  I added some fresh greens and holy to the garland on the banister and replaced original greenery in other areas of the house with fresh.

I changed out the vase of limbs hanging with icicles and snowflakes for this bowl of pine cones and greenery.

Banister with fresh greenery and holy.

Here in the living room, I rearranged the one love seat and chair, made changes to vignettes and brought my rug in from the foyer.

Now for some last minute Inspiration!

Merry Christmas!


Time to get Naked!

Well the house is all back together and I am actually happy I had this opportunity.  I always clean before company but, this allowed me to make some wanted changes, freshen things up and add some small bits of Christmas now I am ready for Company!

Until then . . .

I will share some photos soon!

Welcome to My World

This is my husband's idea of holiday Fun! 

We are getting company for Christmas!  My one Son who has not been home in two year is getting to come home on leave for Christmas bringing with him his newly engaged Fiance!!  Whom we have yet to meet.

We have had steady company almost every month since May, which is great I love having family in and out.  In May and June my oldest Son and his Fiance were home on leave, my sister came home in august with her family, October my one nephew and his family were here, November my oldest sister and her husband was home and now December brings my youngest Son and his Finance!

The topic of cleaning the carpets kept coming up . . .between visits

As with any company, we always CLEAN WELL!!!!!  But my husband has a thing for cleaning the carpets and I keep telling him once the holidays are over and we will have the carpets clean (my ultimate goal is to put in hard wood floors I hate having carpet!)

So today, here I am looking at this (he started this adventure after work last night) and thinking ok . . .but, will my son even noticed???

This is for you Preston!  Merry Christmas!


So if you came to my house right now this is how you would greeted . . .

Living room

The Tree word came up as we were moving furniture out . . .there is NO way!

Dining room

And the ever changing family room . . .hmmmmm

So what are you doing today?