Hi everyone, I made some changes to my blog page.  I changed my header, font, background and text color.  On my laptop all changes appear correctly however; on my desktop they do not.

I would appreciate anyone who could let me know how my blog appears when they click to my site.  Also there is soooooo much space between my header and where my post begin????  It was not like that before.


All input and help would be greatly appreciated.


  1. Hi there! Yes, there is a large white space between the top of the page and where your post begins. I'm not very "tech savvy"; so, I'm not able to help. Sorry.

  2. Hello...I just found you. It's a pleasure to meet you, especially an Interior Designer.
    Like Shenita said, you have a very large gap between your header and your post.
    I can help you, if you want help. I have helped quite a few bloggers with their design. Visit my blog and you can click contact me. I am Linda...