Tree Three and A Preview . . .

Well, I have been consulting, picking paint colors and advising on furniture arrangement for an organization here in my area but, in the meantime I have managed to slip in some decorating time and comment back to all of you who have left me such sweet notes!

Well last week; I actually finished Tree Three which is my Son's tree.  I believe it started the year they were about six and eight and they managed to drag home this enormous live tree.  Well I couldn't say "No" after all their hard work and pride they had from discovering this beauty (I believe in our neighbor's field). 

So here was this HUGE, round and Very Full tree which found its place in the corner of our dinning room all decked out in gold, glittery garland!  That told me it was time to start a tradition of two trees.  One in the main room that I could do a theme and one for them that would feature all their homemade and yearly gift ornaments.  As with many, I too purchase ornaments each year for my sons I have been doing so since Christmas One.

After moving to where we live now, I continued to put up a tree to show case their treasures.  However; this year, I have down-sized their tree only because I changed its location from the family room to dinning room.  I wanted it to be where I could see it every morning and while we are having meals (during the week we are in the front part of the house or usually upstairs in the office).

Tree 4 will take residency as you will soon see in the family room this year.  So without further ado; I give you the Boys Tree (because of its size, I did not use all 25 years x 2 (sons) of ornaments on it).


It sits on top of our buffet but, I was thinking of maybe sitting it on the floor.  The reason I put it on here is so it can be seen from outside.

I still have one more box of their ornaments, which I have to go through.  I will be adding to this but, I was anxious to share so I will show you the end result after I add to it!

And now Preview of Tree #4

I wanted to share this because a couple of weeks ago I did a presentation on Christmas decorating tips using this very tree and I wanted you to see the process as well . . .You'll have to come back to see the outcome!!!

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  1. Your son's tree turned out so cute! I know it must be a lot of work to decorate multiple trees. I bet it looks great when they all get done and you can sit back and enjoy them.