The Outcome . . .

Last week I shared with you the tree that is taking residency in out family room this year.  In case you don't remember this beauty here she is again:

Coming back to you now?

Well without many words or making you wait any longer here she is now!

Impressive Huh?  Is she all you thought she would be?  Actually this is the mid-stage.  Here I had added a string of lights first then greenery LOTS! of greenery and then another string of lights. 

OK now on to the real After!

After adding the lights and greenery, I started at the top by adding poinsettias, then I began placing large gold and brown bulbs throughout the tree.  Then the smaller ones.  I used feather boas for garland and flower heads of the poinsettias in places that needed a little more punch!   I rolled up some sheet music to add as well.  Once I had all the decorations I wanted I added more greenery filling in empty spaces using both pine and boxwood clippings.

For the tree skit I used a piece of burlap and then layered a white with gold highlights throw on top.  For a more rustic feel.



  1. Okay now I want to start over on my tree and do feather boas..love it!

  2. She is absolutely glorious! A real beauty!

    Thanks you for participating in and linking to the Christmas Tree Party at 2805!

  3. Wow, what a transformation Beautiful. Having the talent you have, how can something not look gorgeous and beautiful. I would have never thought of adding greenery to a white tree. I have asked hubby to buy a small white one and now more than ever do I want one.

  4. OHMYGOSH...I am totally in LUV with this beautiful tree. I want a small white tree for my kitchen...thanks so much for the inspiration. I am linking to follow..:)
    xo bj

  5. silly me...i already AM a follower.