Do You Ever?

Do you ever have moments when you wish you could just start over?
Do you ever wander from room to room remembering the day you first looked at your house, the day you moved in and all the dreams and ideas you had for your new home?

Placing the furniture just so, swearing you would never move it but, only add as you go; creating that perfect space.
I was determined to let our home "Evolve" on it's own.
Well, I am having one of those moments.  I am never sure if my constant need to rearrange furniture is because I am not ever happy with the outcome or if it is the decorator in me.  Maybe it's a combination.
Whatever it is, at this moment I am wishing I could wave my wand and just start all over with bare bones.  I look around and think why did I buy that?  or "Awe, there it is! I forgot I had that." 

Last night, I was looking through old photos and the many ways I have arranged the rooms in our house. In looking at  some I thought "why didn't I leave it that way?" while others I thought "what was I thinking."
Being brave here are a few photos I found.
 This is how the "Blue Room" looked at one time.

This is now
 The room below is how my now "Office" looked before
re-doing it.


Office: one of many arrangements . . .

(This room gets changed almost weekly . . .)

Our sun porch at one point in time. Seems so long ago.
It has gone through many changes.

The pictures below were taken during my
"Garden Room Phase"

One of many living room arrangements.

and yet another


Do you ever just look at a room and say to yourself,
I can do this!  I can make it into the room I really want.
So after taking everything out, rearranging the furniture
and shopping your house you realize;
it's still the same room, still the same stuff
just different.

Does it ever get frustrating to you, to see rooms that you just "Awe" over and think, if only I could pull that off in this room?

 Do you ever struggle with swapping out items from room to room because either you have grown to like it where it is or you are afraid of change? of disrupting what seems to work?

With so many decorating ideas and styles at the end of the day, all I really want is to just come home to spaces that make me feel good, rooms that feel comfortable to me and allow me to just relax.

Maybe this week, I will start over?

In the meantime, I feel a yard sale coming on
next year.  Time to purge!


Client Project

. . . done for now.
Well, last Thursday was a long day of furniture deliveries, last minute shopping, cleaning and staging.  My client is in the process of relocating to this area and once things are settled with their previous home, their personal items will be on their way.
My job was to purchase furniture for the rooms of the house that are being lived in for now.  My client is not one for a lot of "Stuff."  He wanted furnishings that will mix well with his personal items to come.

"Peace in the Valley"
was the decorating motto given to me by my client.

He prefers soothing colors of neutrals and earth tones and has a lot of his own art work to incorporate into the scheme, I focused on the basics.

Living Room Before

Living Room After
We added an area rug of browns, rust and blue (which as always the pictures do it No justice),
Sofa and an oversize chair, end tables, sofa table and lamps.



These are before and after pictures of the master bedroom before painting and replacing the carpet

and how it looked before moving in the furniture (and vacuuming)


We are in need of some accessories.

Half bath before 



And after, I added some accessories and these cute iron looking stands
to hold towels and accessories. 

We are breaking for a little while before continuing . . .
I will keep you posted as things happen and as more is added.

Have a great weekend!


Still Here . . .

The last time I posted, I had started on a new decorating job.
Well, the carpet has been pulled and new carpet has been laid in the master bedroom.  The walls have been re-painted, the living room furniture has been delivered and the bedroom furniture comes this Thursday as well as the kitchen dinette.
My car is loaded with bedding, lamps and accessories that are waiting for their final placing.  I have a few more items to pick up before the bedroom set is delivered and then the final staging can take place for Session I.
Pictures are soon to come!