My 2013

This is the last post for this year!
I gave up making and trying to keep New years Resolutions because I came the realization that a "New Start" can and should begin at any moment in our life.
I am however; because January marks the month I began my "New" walk, with my Savior, using it as a time to reflect and set "New" spiritual goals for myself.
So much happened in this last year, I cannot even imagine things being any better but, I am sure they will be!
So while many of you will be planning new home projects, ways of becoming more physically healthy and planning ideas for next Christmas, I on the other hand will be . . .
setting my focus on my spiritual growth by becoming more obedient and more trusting in my God.
I have a beautiful new journal just waiting for me to write my first entry of 2013.
Each day, I will write a thanks, a blessing or miracle given to me by God.
My New Year's line up is already filling in with some amazing praises with the addition of new clients, new studies and a
"New Attitude!"
So while many will be working on their earthly homes, I will be working on my home in the Kingdom.
Happy New Year to All and may Each of You be truly blessed in the Year to come.


Simplicity . . .

Hosting my husband's office party went very well! 
For me it feels as if Christmas has already been here.  So much has happened this past year, that I really feel as if the greatest gift(s) have already been received.
As we anticipate the birthday of our Savior:

Who's birth gave us life . . .
we are striving to keeping things very simple (VERY)!
We are taking just a small amount, to purchase some stocking stuffers and one or two nice gifts for under the tree.
Last year, we gained such perspective on the true meaning of Christmas and I do not want to ever lose that again.
In addition,
as we anticipate the New Year, I get butterflies thinking of all the possibilities that a New Year brings.  Every year at this time, I begin to think
. . . why is it that we think new beginnings are more exciting as the New Year begins?
Is it because we have made it through the year past and all the craziness of the holidays is over and neatly tucked away til the next time?  I think New Beginnings should start any time . . .
May 14, August 9, October 22 . . .does it matter?  Start A New whenever you feel you need to re-fresh and re-start.
I look forward to all God has to offer in the days ahead and my prayer is that He uses me for His greater purpose.
I am wishing all of you a Very Merry Christmas
A very Happy New Year!

And I pray that each and every "One" will open their heart and allow Christ to reside within.



OK.  I do believe I am ready to now enjoy the fruits of my labor(s)!
I have been since Thanksgiving, cleaning, placing furniture and trying to decorate for Christmas all within the same time frame.  We are hosting my husband's office Christmas party this year.
It seems that preparing for this has been never ending.
Here are a few pictures of Christmas 2012.




I hope that you are enjoying the process of your decorating and that you enjoy all you have done!


Progress and A Little Christmas

Well, I am pleased to say, camera has been found and I have some before pictures and a couple after.
It's been five days,  since we began our venture.  The furniture is in place, the main tree is up, garland up(need to add decorative touch), wreaths are up in the front windows and things are in place on the front porch.
I am liking the progress so far.  I am being very selective as to what goes where.  However; there is still more to be done.  I still need to accessorize in the living room, do some touch ups in the kitchen, clean the blue room and add just a tad more Christmas decor here and there.
Whew!  This is just like moving in.
Here is where we started on Thursday:


Just like moving in . . . all empty, a blank canvas!
And here is where it all went!






Yep! Just like starting from scratch.
And there is still more to do. 
Now . . .
Looking in from dinning area.



Living room side

I am really liking this arrangement.  Our hutch was to the right where, I now have the buffet.  And in the living room the couches are in a L-shape both facing the tree.
And our first snow . . .


I will share some more Christmas after I finish with all the details.
I am keeping things glamorously simple this year.
And I am Loving the Gold, Silver and White theme.
Thanks for stopping by.


Well, we are nearly complete.  Did I mention in my last post it was as if we were just moving in?  I don't remember moving being this exhausting . . .!
The carpets are clean, I rearranged some rooms and I really like the living room arrangement (don't know why I never thought of doing this way before).  We spent all of Saturday and yesterday putting everything back and I got the main tree decorated.
That is it thus far, but the good news is we are on the down slide YEAH!!!!!!!!!!
I wanted to share some before pictures with you while I finished up some last minute details but the camera has come up missing at the moment
I will be back soon.



Just a little Inspiration . . .
Loving these!



Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!
I am so excited, not just for the holiday but, I feel as if I will be moving into a new space.  We are firing up for the BIG clean!
Starting today, we will prep the rooms we can and after dinner tomorrow we will be on the Move.  I have been planning how I will re-arrange existing furniture and anticipating the Fun of getting our trees up!!
I am soooooooooooooooo excited! 
In the meantime, I am wishing all of You a very Happy Thanksgiving and great fun in bringing in the Christmas season.
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Thank you for stopping by! 
I have made a few changes and did some cleaning up here on my blog.  Sometimes, don't you just feel like you need a fresh start?  I am still working on my blog list (one's I follow), I had to clear it completely off in order to get them to all to come up.
So I added some new ones and I am still incorporating some of my favorite "Oldies."
I hope all of you have a great Thanksgiving holiday.  We will be working on cleaning projects around the house and getting our home ready for decorating and upcoming entertainment.
I will posts pictures from around the house once we are finished.
I am so very excited!!
See ya soon!


Gathering Ideas

With the Thanksgiving holiday approaching, I get anxious to settle on my Christmas theme for the year.  I fell so in love with trees from last year that were decorated in gold & silver and often with a dash of white.
So, I am pretty sure this will be my theme this year:
Silver, Gold and White.
I am looking to do something peaceful, elegant, calm
and yet, simple.
A lot of greenery, plenty of white and cream colored candles and scented ones for added warmth.
Let's take a look at some amazing ideas.
I am also loving the red and white theme too!
Do you chose a different theme each year or are you more traditional?
I am anxious to begin adding touches but, I am patiently waiting until our Thanksgiving holiday has been honored.
I would love to hear your ideas and thoughts!