My 2013

This is the last post for this year!
I gave up making and trying to keep New years Resolutions because I came the realization that a "New Start" can and should begin at any moment in our life.
I am however; because January marks the month I began my "New" walk, with my Savior, using it as a time to reflect and set "New" spiritual goals for myself.
So much happened in this last year, I cannot even imagine things being any better but, I am sure they will be!
So while many of you will be planning new home projects, ways of becoming more physically healthy and planning ideas for next Christmas, I on the other hand will be . . .
setting my focus on my spiritual growth by becoming more obedient and more trusting in my God.
I have a beautiful new journal just waiting for me to write my first entry of 2013.
Each day, I will write a thanks, a blessing or miracle given to me by God.
My New Year's line up is already filling in with some amazing praises with the addition of new clients, new studies and a
"New Attitude!"
So while many will be working on their earthly homes, I will be working on my home in the Kingdom.
Happy New Year to All and may Each of You be truly blessed in the Year to come.

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