Simplicity . . .

Hosting my husband's office party went very well! 
For me it feels as if Christmas has already been here.  So much has happened this past year, that I really feel as if the greatest gift(s) have already been received.
As we anticipate the birthday of our Savior:

Who's birth gave us life . . .
we are striving to keeping things very simple (VERY)!
We are taking just a small amount, to purchase some stocking stuffers and one or two nice gifts for under the tree.
Last year, we gained such perspective on the true meaning of Christmas and I do not want to ever lose that again.
In addition,
as we anticipate the New Year, I get butterflies thinking of all the possibilities that a New Year brings.  Every year at this time, I begin to think
. . . why is it that we think new beginnings are more exciting as the New Year begins?
Is it because we have made it through the year past and all the craziness of the holidays is over and neatly tucked away til the next time?  I think New Beginnings should start any time . . .
May 14, August 9, October 22 . . .does it matter?  Start A New whenever you feel you need to re-fresh and re-start.
I look forward to all God has to offer in the days ahead and my prayer is that He uses me for His greater purpose.
I am wishing all of you a Very Merry Christmas
A very Happy New Year!

And I pray that each and every "One" will open their heart and allow Christ to reside within.


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