Need I say more . . .

For any room in your home . . .Chandies are not just for
Dinning Room any more!


Soaking It all In

Don't you just love a great soak; an opportunity to tune out the world and just . . . AHHH

How would you like to soak in one of these beauties?

Especially after one of these . . .

Rooms to Love

Luckily for me this is a topic I will be able to post on for a Very long time!

With so many beautiful and creative rooms in which to feast the eyes . . .there is always something new.
So without further ado, I give you

More Rooms to Love . . .

Happy Tuesday!!


Color Blocking

As seen in last year's trend, "Color Blocking" is a great way to make a statement not only in fashion but, in home design as well.  Being fascinated with this concept of combing two to three items each in a different color allows one to be bold and exciting!

As you will also see "Color Blocking" can also make a sublet yet, effective statement as well.

Color Blocking: the combining of different colors that support and compliment one another other.

It may be a trend of 2011 but what fun!  And as I often tell my clients, don't worry about what is in but, what makes you feel good therefore, I intend to sport some "Color Blocking" myself!

Awesome choices in color here . . .

Loving this use of Color Blocking
so soft with just the right Punch of color!

What are your thoughts on Color Blocking?  Are you a fan?  Do you or have you tried sporting this look either on yourself or in your home?


Feature Friday

Today's Feature Friday is all about being

Sometimes I think we get so caught up in trying to impress others that simplicity gets lost. 
This weekend allow yourself to return to "Simply" and be re-newed.

Have a great weekend!