What I am Working on Now

Here are some images of a project I started today.  My job is to create a color palette that will transform these spaces into a calm and serene working envirnoment.


Feature Friday (on Saturday . . .)

It is just like waiting for Christmas, that excitement one feels, the anticipation of getting back in the gardens.  And since we have had an unseasonably winter, which I'm sure will change here soon, I have been even more anxious.  So today enjoy images of some beautiful outdoor spaces!

Today we received a few inches of snow.  It's cold and blustery out . . .which makes me long for these images all the more not to mention how confused my bulb flowers are.


Mixing Patterns

Coming up very soon, I will again be teaching classes at our local college.  The first class is on color palettes.  The last time, I taught this class I had students create a color palette for a room that they were either re-doing or planning to.  Starting with a color palette in mind,  they first chose a color(s) for their walls, then I had them choose three (no less than three) to five patterns that they could bring into the room to include area rugs, pillows, bedding, furniture and window treatments. 

Giving a few guidelines, I encouraged them to be creative in their choices.  They were really surprised to see that by mixing different patterns created a more inviting and interesting room.

So do tell . . .do you mix patterns?


Feature Friday


Welcoming people into your home is probably one the most warmest feelings there is.  When family and friends enter into your home the experience in how they are greeted not only by you but, also by the surroundings can often set the mood for their stay.

Let's look at some interesting and inviting foyers:

I have always loved the idea of having a foyer large enough to accommodate a center table!

Love the colors in this foyer light and airy

I could see this in either in a farm or beach hose setting . . .

More examples of a center table . . .love

Plenty of interest here . . .

I am really liking this foyer!

When I first thought of doing this post, I thought about focusing on foyers with center tables but, with so many beautiful images it's hard to choose just a few.

  What does your foyer say about you?


Spring Fashion and Design

I have noticed an increasing trend in combining bold and bright colors and pattern in how we dress.  So if you are curious as to what color and pattern combinations may work well together; look no further than the Spring and Fall lines of fashion:

Try these combinations of blue, yellow and green . . .

or blue, orange and pink . . .

After all one tip of interior design is look to your closet to see where you fall on the color wheel when creating or refreshing a new space in your home.