Blue Guest Room . . .

Last week I shared a peek into the blue guest room and family room.  As I had mention, I had made some changes and got organized.  I am ready to share the guest room with you today.

This room is small and acts as a guest room because I have no where else to put my one son's bed.  In actuality this room is a dressing room.  The closet in our bedroom is too small to house both mine and my husband's clothing, so I use the closet in this room as well as the dressers.

Prior to this change this room was becoming a flooded dumping ground of "where should this go . . .in here for now."  Well I had had enough!


(I had already taken some stuff out . . .before I decided I would share this)



The ultimate goal is to repaint this room in a soft ivory or taupe color with white trim.  Until then, I at least feel like I am walking into an actual room and not a cluttered mass.

Do you have a room that is or has become a catch all?

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  1. What a pretty room! One of my guest rooms had become the catch all room, after we gave my youngest daughter the furniture that was in it. It stayed that way for 5 years! We finally decluttered and bought a new bed and tables this past spring! LOL!