Feature Friday


Welcoming people into your home is probably one the most warmest feelings there is.  When family and friends enter into your home the experience in how they are greeted not only by you but, also by the surroundings can often set the mood for their stay.

Let's look at some interesting and inviting foyers:

I have always loved the idea of having a foyer large enough to accommodate a center table!

Love the colors in this foyer light and airy

I could see this in either in a farm or beach hose setting . . .

More examples of a center table . . .love

Plenty of interest here . . .

I am really liking this foyer!

When I first thought of doing this post, I thought about focusing on foyers with center tables but, with so many beautiful images it's hard to choose just a few.

  What does your foyer say about you?


  1. Hi pretty lady! I'm loving your feature foyers, got a lot of ideas for mine. We have our foyer with a center vintage, French table, where I did my Valentine's tablescape for this post. Hope you come over and visit. Hope you had a nice lovers day too. I'm going to take another peek at your foyers. Hugs,

  2. It is kind of a foyer where the table is and it does stand alone there, I just placed the french chairs for the post. As soon as you open the door there's a mirror and an antique trunk, than you go left and there it is! Thanks for your visit. Have a nice weekend.

  3. Sweetheart,
    you have picked some winners here.
    I love the yellow , it makes me feel happy..