Progress and A Little Christmas

Well, I am pleased to say, camera has been found and I have some before pictures and a couple after.
It's been five days,  since we began our venture.  The furniture is in place, the main tree is up, garland up(need to add decorative touch), wreaths are up in the front windows and things are in place on the front porch.
I am liking the progress so far.  I am being very selective as to what goes where.  However; there is still more to be done.  I still need to accessorize in the living room, do some touch ups in the kitchen, clean the blue room and add just a tad more Christmas decor here and there.
Whew!  This is just like moving in.
Here is where we started on Thursday:


Just like moving in . . . all empty, a blank canvas!
And here is where it all went!






Yep! Just like starting from scratch.
And there is still more to do. 
Now . . .
Looking in from dinning area.



Living room side

I am really liking this arrangement.  Our hutch was to the right where, I now have the buffet.  And in the living room the couches are in a L-shape both facing the tree.
And our first snow . . .


I will share some more Christmas after I finish with all the details.
I am keeping things glamorously simple this year.
And I am Loving the Gold, Silver and White theme.
Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Chlvie, I can't believe how busy you have been with your home! What a job! Hope you had a good Thanksgiving, and now that Christmas is fast approaching (I can't believe it) that you are having fun decorating for the Holidays. Your tree is just beautiful! the Gold, Silver and White theme is one of my favorites too! I only did one presentation this year for Holiday Decorating. Just couldn't fit them in. We have our big party on Dec 14th, so I am ass to elbows in ornaments, garland, and greenery, but of course I have to clean every little thing first. When I first started decorating my tree it would take about half a day, then as the years went by it took a whole day, this year I had to break it up into two half days! wha? well I miss getting post from you Chlvie, but I will be checking in on you from time to time, can't wait to see more of your Holiday decorations. Don't forget to see my blog once in a while, Rena Designs. I try to post a couple times a month. Hey don't forget my motto "Presentation is Everything"! All the best girl. Have a wonderful Christmas Chlvie.