Not Just for the Stairs . . .

In thinking back, it seemed that every time I saw a Gallery Wall, Hall of Fame or Family Tree wall (as I remember one person calling it), these pictures always graced either the stairwell or a long hall area.

Today gallery walls are a creative output that can bring life and curiosity to any room and they are not always displays of family but, rather we are seeing more displays of favorites.  Sometimes they are a collage of mix media, or a gathering of floral, water scenes or water colors.  I have seen people mixing it up to include both family portraits and other favorite pieces of art. 

In some cases pictures are arranged in perfect sequence with matching frames, other times pictures are framed in colors that compliment one another and then there are those that are a total mix of pictures, frames and there is no rhyme or reason to how they are displayed.

Whatever the preference one thing is true any room or wall is fair game.

Interior designer Charlotte Moss

Do you have a gallery wall in your home?  Some of you may have more than one.  If so what do you enjoy displaying in your gallery and how are your pictures organized?

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