Animal Prints?

Animal prints have been on the scene for quite some time mixing and matching and now I see they even come in coordinating colors; a green zebra rug?

While throwing in a print or two can be fun, interesting and create a whole other mood for your room be careful not to go over board.  Too much of a good thing can become very bad.  In searching for images, I came across some very bad but, to not offend anyone declined to share.

I think in some incidents animal prints are deserving of their space but, as with any decorating trend, style or interest often a little goes a long ways . . .

I truly love the whole feel of this foyer.  Here the cheetah print is deserving of this grand stairway.

Always a sucker for rich shades of browns, loving this space.

Although I am OK with this room, I am not so sure about this area rug . . .

Liking this dinning room animal elegance.

I have shared this image before, I love this room!

Loving this!!

Again more browns love the richness.

A softer side to the world of animal prints.

So how do you rate decorating with animal prints?


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  1. I love animal prints, I have a small black leapard rug in front of my door in my entryway and a black leapard lamp shade in my guestroom. I agree, to much of a good thing just doesn't work.