Saturday Love . . .or Anytime!

It use to be not long ago, actually when I was working full time, that I would go at least every other Saturday to a local Antique Mall with a cup of coffee and just browse (it was a great stress reliever to me) get ideas, and buy.  

Now that  I am working for myself and actually have a bit more time and an excuse to go browse (for clients) for myself, I find myself there much less. 

Is that true for you, the more time you have to do the things you Love, the less you do them?

Well today I went to pick up a picture that I had put on layaway for the family room and thought I would snap a few photos of one of my Favorite places to browse, shop, look and spend money.

Standing at the large garage door looking in

register area: candles, poporie and fun knicky knacks

One of many vignettes

Love this.  It stood about three feet tall would make a great addition to home office or as a side table.

Just one of many booths that offers great antique furniture

Vintage pieces

For those of you who like to decorate with the outdoors look

I feel Fall coming on . . .

I posted this because I had seen these exact two pieces in the Good Will store they were asking $7.00 for each (actually had my eye on the larger one to put in my foyer) here they are asking $19.99 and $24.99.  However; this booth is going out of business so you can get these at %75 off (less the GW price)

Vintage clothing

And I know how so many of  you Love chandies . . .you can have this beautie for $2,990.00
This is the matching picture to the one I bought.  I still may have to go this?

And this is the  picture I bought and will soon be hanging it in my family room.

I just love this place and they are always changing things around.  There are two floors of nothing but antiques, furniture, collectibles, books . . .and the list goes on.  I took several more pictures, so I will share more later!

So if you are ever in Oil City, PA stop by The Antique Warehouse Mall! 

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