Feature Friday

Welcome . . .Foyers and Entries is the focus of today's Feature Friday.

Creating that welcoming invite for your guest as they enter your home starts at the door.  This is the first room that guest see upon entering your home.  

Your foyer/entry sets the mood and tone to what can be expected.  It makes a statement about who you are.  What does or foyer/entry say about you? 

What do you what it to say about who you are? Are you relaxed, formal, mix media, playful, do you like LOTS of color, are you bold, sophisticated or just simply causal!

Take a look at some of these inspiring foyers/entries which one(s) speak to you?

Soft Sophistication

Simple Elegance


Masculine Elegance

Sophisticated Country/Contemporary

Outdoors minded

Bold Elegance

Classic Cottage Elegance

Upbeat Contemporary
Does your foyer/entry speak who you are?

Some elements to consider having in your foyer or entry are:

* table or stand to set mail, keys and other items
* lighting, preferable table lamps that exude a soft warm welcome
* plants, fresh flowers, greenery or natural elements such as sticks and tree limbs placed in  vase or piece of pottery
* candles scented or unscented to create warmth   
* a place for seating this could include a chair, bench or small sofa
* pictures or accessories that speak who you are
* hooks for hanging coats, sweater and hats

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