My Living Room . . .today

Prepare for a lot of reading . . .and photos!!

I say this reluctantly because what you see here today may be gone tomorrow.  I have a great habit of loving a look only to find myself loving something else in what seems like  days.  I have been patiently waiting for the opportunity to start posting about Fall.  As with every other season, I think we sometimes become impatient for seasons to change only to find ourselves wanting to turn back the clock.  However; I am no exception to the rule I Love Fall and all that goes with it (it's what comes after that I am not too fond of).

Looking back and comparing my decorating needs from Then to Now, I have realized I do things so much different, but I think we all do.  When my kids were little every holiday was decorated for: Valentines, Easter, Fourth of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas not to mention birthdays!  Through the years, I have made some adjustments to make it easier and more enjoyable for myself. 

Prior to my college years (which I was a non-traditional student) I can remember Fall consisting of decorating for Fall in general, Halloween (son's birthday), Thanksgiving and on to Christmas each separately and with it's own decor.  It wasn't however; until my going to college that I learned quickly, while Halloween would continue to have a season all it's own there would have to be some changes made with regards to Fall and Christmas decorating. 

We traditionally decorated the first weekend of December for Christmas however; finals week changed that quickly, once I entered into my third year of college, I made the decision that Thanksgiving break would be the perfect time to decorate for St. Nick's arrival, while cramming for finals.  Once finals were over my energy level was way down so I needed to decorate sooner if I was going to enjoy the process at all. 

As my boys grew and ventured out on their own, I have since scaled down even more.  I now decorate for the season.  In the Fall of 2007, both of my sons were being deplored to Iraq.  So on Labor Day weekend I decided if I was going to have Fall in the house that was the time because from mid-September on I knew there would be no desire! (I would be traveling on two separate occasions to say my good-byes).

I spent Labor Day weekend 2007 cleaning, rearranging, decorating and fluffing now the good thing was everything I used could stay up through Thanksgiving until I started decorating for Christmas (that year a tree went up and a tree came down and that's all I did.  I had NO desire to even celebrate!)

I find that this makes it so much easier for me and much more enjoyable to decorate for the Fall Season and not individual holidays.  It makes more sense for me now.  I love Fall and I enjoy the colors and the work that goes into bringing out just the right elements to create a warm and snugly home loaded with yummy smells, lots of reading material (for Spring day dreaming),candles glowing and cozy colorful blankets to wrap up in.  And I am able to enjoy three wonderful months of Fall and look forward more to bringing out Christmas.

So that brings us to today's post.  It's soon coming that time and I am finding I am not alone there are several of you who seem to be anticipating this great season too.  While I haven't broke out the Fall decor just yet; I am however getting a jump start by cleaning, rearranging rooms and preparing cozy places in which to decorate.

I love so many types of decor that is why my rooms are in a constant Merrie-go-round of change.  I find myself falling between that simplicity look of worn interiors and cool colors to warm and inviting spaces with lots of elements that speak home warmth:  Patina Style vs Bunny Williams.

I have been putting up with a less than inviting living room, knowing that it would not be long until I would be bringing out the Fall!  I know for me it's not just Fall or Christmas, but all seasons that stir a desire for change.  For example after the holidays, I am just as anxious to sweep through and de-clutter and have soft soothing areas in which to relax hence the naked living room!  I also think however; that I am still trying to find my personal niche in how I want my home to feel.  That's where Patina Style and Bunny Williams come in.  I love it all!!!!!!!

I guess to answer my one client's question "How do you keep from changing your room's decor, when you work with so many different styles?"  Answer . . .I Can't.

Now before we look at the Befores, I want to make two points: 1.  I wanted to have a good example of before and after for my Blog post that is why I waited so long.  2.  I had family from out of state visit and I wanted to wait until their visit was over before making any changes.

That's why I put up with a very naked, very uninviting room for so long.

So now that I have talked you to death here are the Befores:

Views from foyer


Views from foyer

Views from dinning room looking toward foyer.

View looking toward dinning room

And here are the Afters:

View from stairs

Views from dinning room

View from foyer

Looking from dinning room toward foyer

View from dinning room

Looking toward foyer from dinning room

Last month when I had rearranged my office (yet again) I had decided to turn the area rug over for a softer look.  Naturally my husband didn't think what I had done was on purpose; then after I received my Patina Style book, I saw where Brooke and Steve have done the same (so I'm not crazy; at least I'm not alone) anyway, wanting a new area rug for the living room and buying a new one at this time is not an option, I decided to switched out my living room rug with the one on my porch . . .and yes, I turned it over. 

Husband's response "what is with turning all the rugs over? . . .well let me just show you . . ."

Hence my name Creative Choices, I mean how can we ask or expect our clients to think out of the box if we can't?


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  1. What a gorgeous home you have! I love that wood trim and stairs! I finally after living here painted my living room so it's a total new look. Only when decorating, I found I had 2 seasons in the room, lol. I traditionally decorate for fall, add a few things for Halloween then remove them till the family goes home after Thanksgiving when I remove it all for Christmas. My kids always said they felt like they lived at the North Pole for Christmas. This will be my first year without any kids at home *sigh* But I will still decorate the same. :)

  2. I love changes, too, but once I found my style, I don't change as much as I once did. I add to and take away but mostly it is still the same style.
    You have a very pretty living room...enjoy it.
    I am your newest follower..come by sometime when you can.:)

  3. Wonderful!!!

    So cozy and inviting! A great place to curl up with a hot cup of coffee and a pretty decorating book! You did a fabulous job!


    PS. I'm following!

  4. I love the changes you made! I have to say, I love Brooke and Steve's book. The cover is one of the prettiest ones on a design book I've seen - I just smile each time I see it!!!!

    Cote de Texas

  5. You have a beautiful home!
    Steve and I are so happy that you found inspiration in our book. Btw, I hope you don't mind if I point out that the name of our book is Patina Style.