Time to Get Serious

. . . not too serious

I started this blog just a week ago.  I played around with cutting and pasting, clipping and writing, but I never really explained why I decided to blog.  I guess the main reason as with most it is a way to interact, meet new people, share ideas, get inspired . . .

And yes, for me all the above apply.  I also wanted to get involved as way to introduce myself as a designer and share with you my ideas, tips, thoughts and inspirational pictures.  I also wanted to share projects that I have completed, wanting to do, in the process of and dreams I have!

As I look back at my beginning posts for July and into August, I see there is a mix of Creativity, Inspiration and Help Wanted.  I have also spent endless hours prior to  and since looking at Blogs trying to figure out what should I post.  There are so many great ideas, so many different Blog styles and so many inspirational pictures that I have copied and pasted into my own inspiration file that I have no clue where to begin to inspire all of you.

So I have decided I will begin by being more Creative, Share my ideas on up-coming projects, Show you projects I am working on, Join Linky Parties and Inspire you with Pictures that I have collected in my Inspiration file from all the Blogs I have visited!

Since I have begun this just a week ago, I have already had such an urge to make a clean sweep through my own home, re-decorate and photograph just to share with you all the inspiration that you have already stirred within me!  I have so many thoughts and ideas flooding me that I am overwhelmed as to where I should begin.

I hope to look back on this and see my growth for me Personally and for you Inspirational.

Thank you to all of you who have left Comments, Encouragement, Invites and Hope!

So in the meantime, I am going to sit here . . .

think about this . . .

and consult with him.

And then We will get Serious . . .(but not too serious)!

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