Random Pictures of My Home

We moved into our home in June of 2005 we were very fortunate that there was not many changes to be made.  This allowed us time to live in our new home for a couple of years and get a feel for what we wanted our home to evolve into.  The family room was the first room I made changes to.  I re-painted the goldish-yellow walls to Bher cherry cobbler red, which with the real wood paneling creates a very warm and cozy room (I will post pictures of that room later . . . ). 

I continued from there to re-paint the kitchen from white to Sherman Williams soul mate, which is a light plum color; this color picked up the plum in the dinning room wallpaper.  I also repainted two of the the upstairs bedroom(s) and both bath(s). 

Other than re-arranging furniture continuously and changing out accessories from room to room no major construction has taken place in the six years we have lived here.  However;  I think my "two year "get to know the house is well past due and I believe I am now ready to make some real changes, but until then I have posted some pictures of our house then and now

Kitchen Vignettes

Dinning room last month.  I have since moved the buffet to the other side of the window and changed out the vignette and center piece on table.

 Upstairs bedroom then . . .this room is in the process of
                                getting a new look.

Our room as it is now . . .I am really ready for a change here.  Once I finish the guest room, I will begin on our room.  I am ready for soothing calm color in shades of whites, off whites and taupe's.  I love a hint of cottage, but I am really craving calm. 


Vignette on top of dresser in our room.

My Office then

    My office now . . .


Sun porch

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  1. The changes you've made are lovely. I look forward to seeing what else you have to share,

  2. I am visiting from Show off your Cottage Monday. Your home looks lovely. I will be checking back to see the changes you make in the future. It is fun to get ideas to add freshness to my home by visiting other bloggers.