Fall Mantels

From what I see, most have either begun or at least thought about their fall decorating.  For those who have mantels they can be a beautiful and colorful focal point.
(Before you continue, let me warn you that I am a little bitter today. In my final comments I am not referring to any one blog or person, it's an overall thing)
Sweet Designs Blog
Better Home and Garden
Better Home and Garden
Decorating Ideas Made Easy Blog
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It's difficult for me to find mantels that I really like.  I am not much into what I call "Baby Furniture" decorating meaning just filling in with whatever.  I see this quite often in homes where individuals fill in with furniture that is too small for the room.
I enjoy lush, fullness and uniqueness.  I am so over the
"copy cat" syndrome as well.
Our homes should reflect Us not Us and everyone eles' home.
This fall be unique, take a walk outside, use nature, fill in with lushness, let your decorating speak who you are.  Use larger pieces to catch the eye not gaudy . . .lush, warm.
I apologize, but I am so tired of seeing the same thing in every one's home.  I love it when I come across a blog that shows true uniqueness and sophistication.

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