There is a feeling of romance when I look at a Settee'.  They are defined as "a sofa or bench with a back."  But the word "Settee'" is so much more distinguished than "sofa." 
Their appearance is petite, fragile and delicate verses the good ole "sofa" which to me, exudes clumsy and gaudy.
(Although wonderful for well used family areas)

I even find them more precious than a "love seat."
Today I am sharing some great looking and wonderful ways a "Settee'" can be used.

I understand that this probably does not fit into the definition of a "Settee'" but, I found it to be so

What do you prefer to call this beautiful little piece of furniture? 

Sofa, Love Seat or

Hope you are having a great

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  1. Hello! Can you tell me the attribution for photo eight? I want to learn more about that room, who put it together and how. Thank you!