Let in the Light

 Do you prefer having your bed in front of your window(s)
do you prefer to have your bed on a blank wall?

In all honesty, I never wanted my bed blocking any window.  To me this made no sense but, as I have come to learn sometimes it is ok.  I have actually come to like the look in more recent years.

I have lived in so many different homes and styles that I soon realized that sometimes you just don't have a whole lot of choice.

In our current home, our room is fairly small and in order to have change (which I love to do!), I had to learn to be flexible in where I place the bed.

It seems recently over the last couple of years, I have enjoyed having it both ways.  In the winter, I tend to place our bed in front of one of our two windows, this allows for a warm and cozy effect.  Once I feel spring approaching, I
re-arrange the bedroom so that our bed is on the only blank/solid wall in our room.  This allows us to see out both windows from the comfort of our bed.

How about you?  Do you change your bedroom arrangement according to the seasons?

These are images of our room taken a couple of years ago.
The first is arranged for spring/summer and the above is arranged for

Here are some amazing rooms . . .

SMH SPECTRUM. Heatherly Designs Tilbury bedhead.Pic supplied


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