Furniture Arrangement Don'ts

As some of you may know, I am teaching a workshop series at out local college and tomorrow evening's Workshop is on Furniture Arrangement

For the most part I believe that your rooms should reflect not only your life style, but who you are as a person and as a family.  After all you live with your rooms everyday, but in the examples that I found to share with my students, I am going to be Honest: Please Do Not Try This at Home . . .

At first glance this is a beautiful room with some great color giving this space a touch of contemporary, but at closer observation I noticed that the love seat is in front of the fireplace.

Must have been a trend at some point . . .


This is a classic example that all your furniture does not have to match.

I understand that creating two spaces within one large space can be difficult, but . . .
Are we moving in or moving out?

Again the challenge of creating two spaces within one . . .

But don't worry; I am also sharing some very beautiful and gracious rooms showing some great arrangements and ideas that result from planning carefully .

The dos and Don'ts of furniture arrangement what are your thoughts?

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