Smelling Good . . .!

It's no secret that I absolutely Love candles............!!

For the most part I think it is safe to say that we all love candles especially the smelly ones that add that extra sense of warmth to our homes.  And there is no better time than during the Fall and Winter months to bring in those great aromas!

I enjoy having several white and cream color candles around just for the warmth and the feel they add on cold wintry nights and for lighting during  dinner or while having conversation over a glass of wine.  I even enjoy lighting them in the early morning while, I sip coffee and wait for the world to awaken.

I look forward to the late afternoon, when I go around and light all the candles I can muster to create a soft glow before the Minster comes home.  Along with a nice yummy scented candle . . . and the words Welcome Home take on a whole new meaning.

I have tried several scented candles over the years but, for me I love candles made with soy.  I love the way they burn: clean and right down to the very end!  When I light candles here on Elk Street, I light them for the duration, I mean I light up early in the morning and they stay lit.  No one to two hours here!!

Today, I am sharing some of my favorites and not so favorites.

Home Interior
When I was first introduced to scented candles, I bought Home Interior.  Packaged in what reminded me of jelly jars, they were scented but, not nearly as scented as some I use today.  I only really noticed their scent if I left them burning in a closed up area.  I did not like how they burned either.  I  was forever pouring out the liquefied wax so that the wick could breath.  There was so much wasted with the wax clinging to the sides of the jar.

Yankee Candles
  It wasn't long after that, that I got turned on by Yankee Candles.  When I first started buying them, I Loved Them!!!!!  They smelled awesome, burned nice and lasted forever.  But, then disappointment set in.  After awhile, not sure if the company did something different?  They too were not as smelly and I absolutely hated the way they burned.  Yep! the wick straight down the middle.   So much wasted candle and the cost?!  Woo!!  For no more that burned and all that got tossed away so not worth it!  My latest Yankee Candle experience really left me disappointed when I had purchased Sugar Cookie and it smelled like Balsam Fir burning.
Now I know there are some Die Hard fans out there of this candle . . .and I more than likely stepped on toes here so for that I apologize.

WoodWick Candles
These are great candles for that sense of a fire burning.  I have tried these a couple of times and have enjoyed them.  Because of their wood wick they sound like wood crackling and burning.  The sound is somewhat faint but, as far as how they burn, I have no probablem with them.  They are pretty fragrant and they too burn clean.  They are little more pricey, but they make for a nice gift or treat!

Our Own Candle Company
This candle is less expensive but, will  smell up not only a room but, a whole house in no time.  I have been using these candles for quite some time.  They are soy so they burn right down to the very bottom and they smell great.  The only qualm I really have with these is the smoke that exceeds from the wick once you blow them out.  I have never tired a candle snuffer with these so maybe that would make a difference.  But, as far as getting great fragrance and a candle that burns well you can't beat the price.  Average price $6.99

Bath and Body
These are my All time Favorite!  I so love the way they smell and the way they burn.  But, what's not to love about anything Bath and Body?  Now, they too can be pricey usually twenty dollars for the large but, they go on sale so often especially during the holiday season in which you can often get them two for twenty which comes out to $10.00 a piece!  Woo Hoo!!  And they smell SOOOOOOO Good.  Salty Carmel is my newest love but, Leaves is my all time favorite for burning in November (although I have already been burning mine couldn't wait) for it's rich smell of the crunchy outdoors.  It is also nice that they have itty bitty ones that you can purchase as samples before paying a higher price for the larger ones.

For anyone who loves candles and enjoys having them to burn whether at home or at work, candles make a great gift.

Pretty packaging makes for a great gift that is easy to put together and last even after the holiday!

Sometimes the container they come in is all the packaging you need.

Have fun creating beautiful displays with your candles.  Wrapped in Cinnamon sticks and a little bit of nature adds warmth and appeal to the holiday season.

Here are some other great scents to try!

This post was not intended to offend anyone or to say that your candle choices are not good ones.  I just wanted to share my experiences and the ones I have come to enjoy the most.

I have tried others as well and some I am very fond of, but this gives you some ideas to check out if you haven't already.  So tell me your thoughts.  Do you enjoy candles and if so what are your favorites? 

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