Just Thinking . . .

As you follow me through my postings, you will come to understand I am always looking for ways to make things just a little better.  As with Kim over at savvy southern style I too have a tendency to focus on one certain room. Hers is her sitting room; mine is the family room. 

My obsession with this room is its shape or layout and my goals for this room.  I cannot seem to get the two to work together.  I know what I want for this room and in trying to be patient in waiting for just the right pieces, I am in the meantime constantly re-doing it to find some satisfaction a middle ground if you will.

You may remember these photos from not too long ago (I have since changed this room twice now and will be re-doing something again soon for the up-coming holidays to make room for the tree, I put in here)

Not too bad and it seem to have a warmer feel from the before shots.  However; my all time goal for this room (since we moved in six years ago) is to create two rooms in one.  I want one side for television and the other side for reading. Creating two rooms in one.  One of my obstacles is a wood stove in the corner which makes it difficult to work around.  What I really want are two wing backs and a side table at the end by the wood stove and a sofa and chair or two at the end with the television.

I have also thought about having a table at the end by the wood stove for playing games, putting a puzzle together, having a meal or just a work space for studying or working on the computer (trying hard to create a work zone for the man).

So just a week ago Thursday, I re-arranged again to create these zones.  We now have a television side and by putting the love seat at the other end we have a reading area to snuggle by the wood stove (which we never use it but, it works great for candles!) 

So in order to really like this arrangement; I know what I really need is two area rugs to create separation and zones, wing backs and possibly a drop leaf table that can act as side table and accommodate all the other areas mentioned and another chair or two for the other side to fill in the television area and some shelves!!  I really need shelves.

So here it is now:  For how long????

Maybe it's time to be brave and just scratch this look all together and go whole new make over!!!  HMMM Maybe after the holidays, I will have to go shopping . . .

I am liking the colors and tones in these rooms something softer yet, with a lot of warmth and texture added.



  1. I think the room is quite charming like it is, but you have to be the final judge of whether it's right for you. The biggest difference I see in your room and the photos is the lightness of walls and furniture. I'm sure you'll do something stunning and I would never think to tell a woman there is no need to go shopping! :)

  2. I think your room looks lovely and cozy! I agree with you that some rooms are difficult especially when it is multi-functional.

    Thanks for linking your lovely room to Potpourri Friday!

  3. Your room looks cozy and warm. I wouldn't change it at all during the winter months.

  4. I love your room! And, the inspiration pics are beautiful ... look forward to seeing what you do! *Becca* (new follower by way of Savvy Southern Style)


  5. Yopur room is lovely and I adore some of the inspirational pics... sigh..so many wonderful looks to love...we need a few homes to live out all the ideas!

    Tassels Twigs and Tastebuds