Christmas in the bedroom

I absolutely love to see bedrooms adorn with Christmas.  I love the simplicity of the touch of Christmas and the idea that when we retreat for the evening we are surrounded with small reminders of this wonderful holiday.

Today I am sharing some gorgeous bedrooms that have inspired me throughout this year and years past as well as sharing a glimpse into my own tiny retreat.

Each year I decorate our room different.  Last year, I had a small tree in here as well.  A lot of how I decorate depends on how I have the furniture  arranged and the space I have to work with. 

This year I chose holly garland and stockings for the bed, a touch of holly on the nightstands and a tiny little tree on our smaller dresser.  I had white and cranberry bedding last week since I change out sheets every week; this week is white and yellow next week it will different yet again.  I am thinking white/yellow with a touch of cranberry!

Do you decorate your bedroom(s) for the Christmas holiday? 

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  1. Chalk another new follower- ME :)

    so glad I found your blog on WOW so I could see all these great inspiration photos. I have been working on my bedroom for 3 years and just cant seem to get it the way I want it.. How pitiful is that lol..

    Happy Holidays and I'll be checking often to see your latest posts.

    155 Dream Lane