Hanging of the Wreath

So I am hanging my wreaths today . . .That is all I am really doing honestly maybe.  I decided to do these today because I am also doing my holiday cleaning and I wanted to get these up before I get everything fresh and clean and organized because they are messy. 

As I am hanging them I am thinking: "do I hang them inside or outside this year???"  And in hanging them outside do I hang them high or low.  I have done it both ways.

I mean do you hang them in the top half of the window or the bottom half and then there are those that hang them in the middle . . .which do you prefer? 

So after I finished hanging them all in the upper half of the window and on the outside; I got on line and here are some images I found.

Upper half

Upper half


Upper half and inside

I love the way they look inside too!  I just may have to hang just a couple more.

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