Touches of Christmas . . .

Well Thanksgiving has officially come and gone and so the decorating begins!   I had posted prior to Thanksgiving the tree I had put up in my office only because I got so caught up in the moment of prepping and excitement I thought "why not?"  So I am guilty of pre-holiday decorating and see I was not alone!  (I feel like I am already behind it's as if; if you're not decorated before Thanksgiving forget it . . . you're too late)

Yesterday, I spent the whole day Cleaning, messing it up, cleaning, decorating, cleaning and messing it up again.  Do you find that when you decorate you create a mess that leads to more cleaning?  I was able to get our Main Tree up over the weekend and so yesterday, I spent time doing some final touches.

Every year I create a theme this year I wanted simplicity!!!!  I will still end up with four trees (one to go) but, instead of a lot of over the top decor I  am choosing to relish in the simpleness of just soft touches.  Maybe it is because I have had so much going on this year that the idea of slow and calm really appeal to me.

So here are just a few touches of Christmas and The Main Event:
"The Tree" (I'm not showing everything just a little)

Vignettes in the kitchen


Down stairs bathroom

The (sun) porch . . .not too sunny on this day.  Sometimes I put a tree up here too!
(There's still time . . .Hmmmmmmmm)


In past years, I have done our tree in blue/white (2005 &  06) then there was the year I put our tree up and took it down in what seemed like the same day (2007) my sons were both in Iraq and Christmas was not in my heart. 
In 2008 I did our tree in Victorian colors of soft Pearl pink and white.  I decorated around all the door ways with garland and ribbon etc . . .that year we were on the Christmas Tour.  2009 I again decorated in soft pink and white and 2010 I did our tree in chocolate brown/copper and gold. 

This year I decided on an all white tree.  I wanted a "Wintry" tree so I used all white ornaments, icicles, beaded garland, ribbon, and grape vine for dimension.  I also chose to do the stairs with a simple garland and white ribbon.  I will share the other two trees here soon!


Merry Christmas!!! . . .See You soon.


  1. Stunning tree! I love all the ice decorations in white and silver with the pretty ribbons, wow! Gorgeous stair case and entrance door. You're house looks lovely for C'mas. FABBY

  2. Everything is so pretty!! I love decorating with cedar. Your tree is gorgeous! I did alot of white on mine this year too...a snowy look! I did put red in mine too because I already had it! lol

    This is so lovely...can't wait to see more!

    Lou Cinda

  3. Your tree looks beautiful in all of it's new white colored decorations! I love how you intertwined the ribbon through it too. You're like me and change up your theme every year. I don't know why, but I feel like I've got to tweek it a little every year! It would be so much easier to just copy what I did the year before and be done with it. Ha! All your Christmas vignettes look great too. I wish I had some of those cypress clippings to use. They drape so pretty.