A Little Pop . . .

A little pop of color can make any room feel refreshed.

A couple of weeks ago I had done a post on adding pops of color.
Today, I spent some time cleaning pampering my home and in doing so I added some pops of color.

Along with this inspiring image that I had shared and a color, that I have been drooling over since last summer, I finally took the time to spray paint a lamp that had been given to me.

Inspiration Image

Home Depot here I come!

The color I had been drolling over . . .
rust-oleum's Paprika!!!!!

Similar to mine.  Same color different shape

I had also done a post on some changes I did to simplify
my living room and foyer areas for summer.

This was my foyer:

 And here is my foyer today . . .

I was having so much fun that I went out to the garden and brought in more pops of color . . .

In the dinning room . . .

in the foyer

and in the upstairs hallway.


Loving this!


  1. Love the paprika, one of my favorite colors, and the lamp looks amazing. Gorgeous flowers. Hugs, Marty

  2. Beautiful flowers. That's a wonderful color. Your lamp looks great!!