My Back Yard Garden

It always amazes me how fast a perennial garden takes over.

Just a short few weeks ago, I had weeded all the gardens for the
first time this year and other than taking a glimpse here and there, I have left them alone waiting for the weather to allow me to plant my annuals.

But, when I saw how much they had grown in the last week
while we were away.

Wow!  It did not take me long to hit the nursery.
Here are some pictures taken this morning . . .

When it comes to my garden, I enjoy May through July the most.

Everything is up and growing!!!!!!!!!! And it all looks fresh.  There is something new each day to enjoy.  By mid-June the annuals are up and running and July is filled with color and on-going growth.

This was taken from our back deck

These two are taken from the yard looking toward the back of the garden.  There is a path that follows along side the house to another garden area (the little brown building is actually our neighbors)

This is the peninsula area.

Peninsula area

My peonies all in bud!

These last few pictures were all taken on the back side
of peninsula looking toward the house.

I have finally had the time and pleasure of getting outside and spending time
in my garden(s) . . . still more to do!



  1. Chlvie what an oasis! Is that a Japanese Maple? and I love Hostas but have none, really hard to keep in the heat here. Your sitting area looks so cool and inviting. I have not shopped for any annuals yet,will have to start hitting the garden centers and have some fun!

  2. Hi Rena,

    I believe it's a red maple (5yrs) Japanese maples have a more feathery leaf and are usually cut to stay shorter to ground??? Love them though they are up here many of our neighbors have them in their yards. I need to purchase a few more annuals too most of mine went into planters and those left are going to mom's.

    Enjoy yourself at the garden centers. Love this time of year!!!!! I plan to get some more this weekend.

    Thanks for stopping by! Have a great weekend too Rena.

  3. I love your garden -- it's just charming!! I love the layout of the beds and borders; it all flows so beautifully. I spotted some bright pink Dianthus, some Hosta, and a pretty Japanese Maple. I'm sure your Peonies are going to be gorgeous! Thanks for letting us "stroll" through your garden. Visiting from Metamorphosis Monday. :)

    Denise at Forest Manor