Summer Cleaning . . .

I guess summer has not officially made it's appearence but as for me, I am calling it summer!
I have changed the living room around a time or two
(to say the least) since the holidays but, since summer is upon us, I wanted to freshen things up a bit.
I had already taken out a lot of the extras that were added for the fall and winter months to create warmth and went with "less is more" for a clean and fresh look.


This is our lived-in look.  Normally I would tidy up before taking before pictures but . . . we are human too.

After . . .

Minimal decor, feels cleaner and looks fresher.  Easier to keep up too!
Less tidy time inside means more time tidy time for outside! 

This is actually our foyer area.
P.S. the pillow is not staying (just haven't took it upstairs yet.
Like I said we are human too).

This was as far as I got on this day . . . pups and I wanted to get outside and play.  I still have freshening up to do in the bedrooms, office and kitchen area.

See ya soon . . .


  1. Hello, I am making plans to do some summer cleaning - I agree with you! Less is more in the summer when you want to have the place look good, but have a lot you'd like to do! Love your couches! Wish I could go lighter - but, maybe some day!
    Have a great day,

  2. Aunt Chlvie your home looks beautiful and comforting as ever! I am so happy to see that you have the courage and knowledge to make a career out of what you love.

    Hope you have a Beautiful day!

    Always with love
    Your Niece,
    Nathina Jean