"Yes, I Do . . ."

How did I spend my Mother's Day . . .

With the two most precious gifts God ever gave me.

What more could I ask for? 
One would think that spending time with family on Mother's Day would be all they could ever hope for
but, I had the extreme pleasure of seeing my Youngest Son become a Husband and my Oldest Son stood as his Best Man.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Congradulations Preston and Andi!

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  1. What an absolutely perfect way to spend the day... seeing the results of all your mothering, becoming a husband- fantastic, and what a joy to you all.. You will never forget the day and all its happiness... and you know what... I bet they'd all say... You're Worth It!!! Congratulations to the young marrieds, long life and lots of love to them.. and to you.. hugs from across the pond.. J