I never really thought of myself as a collector of anything in fact; I worked hard not to be.  Every time I think of collections I go back to the 80's and my sister's kitchen.  She collected geese for awhile and although at the time it was kind of cool, it soon became a circus of want a be geese.  It seemed that she was forever getting cute little gifts from people "I know you like geese" as they would hand her some deformity of a duck trying to be geese.

I also remember the infinite number of "Knick knacks" that surround our house growing up and they seem to over flow into my bedroom, at the time I thought it was all kind of neat, but looking back nothing really made sense.  As I grew up and had homes of my own I insisted that, I would not be a "Knick Knack" kind of Gal.

I guess it wasn't until I started looking at blog sites, that I came to realize I too am a collector of sorts now don't get me wrong, I still cringe at the thought of over-crowded shelves of stuff, non-related theme items that just exude gaudy, but I have come to terms that there are certain things I like and certain things that I am drawn to.

That is what today's post is all about Collections or lack Of:

Books I love books!  Especially decorating books, but that is who I am.  I am an Interior Decorator and having books around me gives me inspiration and moments of escape.  I have so many that they overflow to other rooms.  Books make a house a home and it gives those who enter an idea of who I am.  I also love Old books!  I love their patina they add so much interest when used in decorating.

Silver trays, I love them!  New and shiny or old and dingy doesn't matter.  I use them throughout my house.  In the living room, family room, kitchen and even the bathrooms.  They are great to add that little extra glamor or shine and are usefully for keeping items collected in their place.

White Iron Stone and white porcelain pieces.  I love the look of white dishes all collected together as a back drop.  White is non-competitive and easy on the eye. 

Crosses: I have always been drawn to unique crosses and I have them in different places in my house.  Maybe some day I will display them all together for a more collective look.

I have always liked the look of blue and white through the years I have bought different pieces, but never really used them.  Now that I have gained a greater interest in them I enjoy the way they look all collected together. 

I have come to understand that Collecting doesn't mean Junk.  That items collected together as a group adds interest to a space and gives our homes a warmer feel and a sense of who we are.  And it's fun when shopping whether it be antique malls, thrift stores or flea markets when that special something draws your eye and you have found yet another piece to add to your already growing collection!



  1. Beautiful and interesting post!

  2. Very thought provoking post! I have collections too but I try to keep them to things that really resonate me.

  3. I know what you mean about collections...I have become over run with betty boop items as everyone thinks I collect her, well I do now. LOL

  4. I like how you've grouped similar items together, and I've always like white ironstone. I enjoyed seeing your collections.

  5. Lovely! I'm so glad to see so many bloggers also in love with ironstone--yours is beautiful! Happy 2012!

  6. We have so much in common!
    Welcome to te linky party! I am so excited to know you and see your wonderful collections, or lack of.
    I am also a decorator, love white ironstone and silver trays, have a million interior design books, AND I am also from southWESTERN Pa!

    (Just got back from a holiday visit there in fact!)

    Thanks so much for linking up to the Favorites on the First Party!