Then(s) and Now . . .

In thinking on what to post, I started looking back through pictures that I have taken of our home over the last couple of years and it amazes me how much things really do change. 

Not just because I am constantly rearranging furniture, but also the accessories I have used, furniture arrangements and how I have used furniture from room to room. 

The fun part in looking through past photos is thinking: I remember that look, I liked that look and knowing I have an image in which I can refer to in order to re-create a look any time I want.  And then there are those in which I say "what was I thinking . . ." the answer: I probably wasn't.

Although I have shared some pictures of our home with you from time to time, I thought I would share some of the changes that have occurred here On Elk Street over the last few months:

Living room March 2010

Images of Fall 2010 arranged two different ways

March 2011

Spring/Summer 2011

Images of Victorian Room before converting to Office

Dinning area Spring/Summer 2011

At this time our china hutch was on the other side of dinning room.

Living room August 2011 to Present
(I have since taken out the area rug and switch a couple of lamps)

Our Bedroom Spring/Summer 2010

Our Bedroom Fall/Winter 2010

Bedroom Spring 2011 to Present
May 2006 to October 2010

May 2011 to Present
(some small changes have been made not in this picture)

Office June 2011

Office July 2011

Office late July to September 2011

Office now

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  1. Everything looks gorgeous! I love the armoire! Looks so warm and inviting.