Outside Looking In

Do you ever wonder what people's homes look like inside?  Do ever think to yourself, "I wonder if the inside is as gracious or beautiful as the outside" or say "man I bet that house is gorgeous inside?"  Have you ever walked along your streets thinking "if I could choose any house, I would choose . . .?" 

At night or early morning when you are out driving or walking do you slow down and try to take a peek inside windows when you see lights reflecting the inside trying to get a glimpse at what it looks like.  Well I will admit, I do.  I always have. 

I love looking in through windows all lit up to see if the inside is as pleasing as I imagine it would be.  And sometimes when I have been fortunate enough to see the inside first hand, I find that I am either greatly pleased or greatly disappointed and wished I would have just left it to my imagination . . .

How about you?

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