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Wallpapered Rooms:

I was putting together my lesson on color palettes for my class next week and in searching for wallpaper ideas, I found so many beautiful rooms that I decided to use this as my Feature Friday post.

I just love the look of wallpaper.  I am asked quite often about wallpaper whether to use or not use.  Yes, the task of taking off wallpaper is a commitment in itself, if you should choose to paint verses re-wallpapering.  Therefore; if you choose to wallpaper be sure it is something that you are ready to live with for awhile. 

If you should choose to paint there are ways of getting around the pealing off process as long as the existing wallpaper is well adhered to the surface. However; unlike paint, wallpaper it's not so easy to just run out and change it if you find yourself becoming tired of it or you find it is all wrong for the room. 

Wallpaper is a much more chosen commitment for different reasons:  it is more expensive than paint, more time consuming and dedicated project and it is a much more permanent choice.

But, as expensive and tedious as wallpaper may be to buy and put up the results can be amazing.  With all the patterns and color choices out there wallpaper can add instant warmth, interest, vibrant color and texture to any room unlike any paint color can.

There was a time, when wallpaper was as popular as chalk paint is today.  Most went away from wallpaper for the reasons I have mentioned and paint became our new best friend: it's clean looking, easy to use, easy to change out and much less expensive. 

However; something has to be said for a classic because wallpaper is still being used today and there are so many amazing choices.  It is also fun to mix and match wallpaper and paint.

So today I am sharing with you some great looking wallpapered rooms:

What are your thoughts: are you a wallpaper person or paint or do you like a mix?

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