Just Ironic . . .

I often find it ironic that right after I get an idea or think of something new I want to try or in talking to a client on a certain topic the next thing I know, I see that same idea implemented or created in some form similar to the one I had.  Maybe not right away, but when I spot it, I know I am not alone.  

For example; I am teaching a decorating series at a local collage campus in the next town from where I live.  It's a series of five workshops and the topic is How to Bring a Room Together.  During these five workshops, I am teaching participants the concepts and process of how to bring a room together starting from the beginning with identifying their personal style, how they want the room to feel and its function, color palettes, room/furniture arrangement and accessorizing.  Some are starting from scratch while others are working off what they already have.

As in past classes, when asked about decorating styles and trends, I always stress to those in my class that they should follow what feels right to them.  After all they are the ones living there and coming home to that space(s) at the end of everyday.  Now don't get me wrong, when working with clients, I am looking at ways to enhance a space and create a more uniformed look and overall feel to their spaces, but the style, decor and overall look should be theirs alone.

So case in point: last Tuesday evening as I kicked off the workshop series as expected the topic of trends and what is In came up and I responded as I always do to this question "by the time you get your home or even one room to meet the trend that is in you will be outdated."  I so believe this.  Yes, I admit there are times that I see at a look and think wow!  I really like that, but I am not going to bust my account trying to create that look before the trend changes.  If I like a look, I like a look and I work to implement that whether it's today or three years from now.

My point to this post is this: after having taught this class, I was browsing through blog land and I see that Delores over at Vignette Design is facing such questions.  After a recent magazine shoot that takes place in her home, she begins to doubt or question whether she should make changes to her dinning room; and for those of you who are familiar with Delores there is no doubt, but what she and her husband have built two gracious and beautiful homes.  So my case is this; do what you love.  If it's traditional great!  If it's shabby chic, eclectic or modern supper!! But don't try to stay up with the Jones' because they are also friends with the Mertezs!

I also believe that when we try to follow the ever ending evolving trend, we loose a sense of our selves and our individual uniqueness.  We can't all be Bunny Williams, Charles Faudree or Rachel Ashwell, but we can have Fun trying!

Now for some eye candy:

I do believe this is Bunny Williams

Vignette Design

Thank you Delores for your inspiring blog and your great design style!

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  1. I wish I could take your class! Thank you for your support! I love your post and your point. Remain true to yourself, and have fun! I recently discovered an interview with Canadian interior designer, Ray Staples talking about being true to yourself and not listening to the trends. Google it. It is so darn cute. She is 92!