Feature Friday

Can you feel it . . .Fall is in the air.  Here in Western PA the leaves on our tress are just starting to change their colors and some trees are already loosing their leaves.  Yikes!!  This could mean an early Winter too (remember I said there was one season I could do without; that would be it.)  I have to admit though I LOOOOOve the first snowfall so soft and un-touched, but we will save that for another post. 

Around here come the first weekend of October we have our annual Apple Fest!  This event is anticipated by hundreds of people each year local and and non-local residences alike.  I love this event, Love, Love, Love!!!!!!!!  I spend the whole weekend walking around looking at the vendors, eating (A lot), buying (A lot), enjoying the festivities and drinking warm apple cider.  I will post on this come October.  The point being people here in Apple Fest Land begin to create that inviting Fall season by decorating and prepping their homes inside and out so by the time this annual event takes place we are all Ready!

For today's Feature Friday I am posting imagines to Usher in this Great Season!  As I had stated in an earlier post, I begin my Fall decorating over Labor Day weekend so to get in the mood and enhance your creativity here are some inspirational pictures to feast your eyes on.  Enjoy!

Here's hoping you All have a Great Labor Day weekend!!

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